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water stars

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Didn't make it
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Words by the designer:

Any child can create his universe

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Awesome, love it

shoutBack on 9/5/10 by Tendra

wow, this rocks!

shoutBack on 6/5/10 by Itgirl93

this is very cool.......

shoutBack on 6/5/10 by bongz

this is great, it has a 3d feel to it. i want to dive in and swim around the galaxy. nice work sebasebi. Don’t know about the quote though.. “any child can create his universe”?? please explain? I always love to know the process of creating a good design. what’s your story?

shoutBack on 6/5/10 by BoyBrown

Haha, you love your galaxies, don’t ya? But seriously, this is very cool. I always enjoy your work.

shoutBack on 5/5/10 by nicetomeetyou

Shooo not sure which one of your “galaxy” designs i love more. This one is also epic dude!

shoutBack on 3/5/10 by DuncanBoxie