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Powered by Music May 14th, 19:36 talk_t

Cheers Mars!
Powered by Music May 10th, 18:50 talk_t

Hey kharmazero, i definitely agree. I used the 'Powered by Music' brief.. assuming that was the correct one. But now i see the entries i think it was more 'make whatever you feel suits them'. I still think the design i made suits them. Oh well.
Powered by Music May 10th, 17:24 talk_t

It certainly is! May the best design win... Thanks Maike!
Powered by Music May 10th, 17:09 talk_t

Thanks CathRon! Thanks for the Critique Maike, but i definitely followed the brief, read through their lyrics and listened to their music.. I think it suits them perfectly :) Cheers!
Powered by Music May 10th, 14:19 talk_t

Thanks Duncan! It definitely is, i had a few bands approach me for it but i saved it for this competition!
Powered by Music May 10th, 00:12 talk_t

Sure, no problem! Thanks and you too!
Powered by Music May 9th, 23:31 talk_t

Thanks for the critique! I went on the brief 'Powered by Music' and i think it suits them very well. It's the perfect piece of band merch, one colour, cool and wearable! ;)
Powered by Music May 9th, 19:01 talk_t

After Dark May 9th, 18:43 talk_t

The design is nice, but i'm not sure if it really fits the brief. Anyway, nice work.
Connections Mar 13th, 16:16 talk_t

Thanks Wednesdayloves! I guess it looks similar in the sense that its my style! I hope it wont effect my chances as i think it works well! Cheers
Connections Mar 10th, 16:18 talk_t

Hey Duncan, it sure does.. SMS, Social Media and Email!
Connections Mar 9th, 20:01 talk_t

Thanks CathRon!
Electric! Feb 11th, 00:39 talk_t

Thanks Duncan!!
Electric! Feb 10th, 17:23 talk_t

Thank you guys! Yay!!!
Electric! Feb 8th, 18:29 talk_t

Thanks s3studio!