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Questions May 21st, 10:05 word_up

Hey I'm having a problem with notifications, I tried numerous times to select the notifications on the My profile section. Tried clicking save and not saving but neither works. Can you please help me out? Thanks :)
surf higher May 21st, 09:14 talk_t

Hey permadi, great concept but not so sure if the boat fits in with the design, I would personally prefer the fish going up a bit higher but I understand that the illusion of higher could be lost then so ja hhhmmmm. Maybe if you made the boat more flowy or less solid?
QWERKY May 21st, 09:06 talk_t

Haha nice :D I study engineering at UP and the IT, computer and engineering guys would love this like mad. If this doesn't win you should try contacting the EBIT faculty house at UP they are always looking for cool new tees for the students. Good luck :)
lady rose May 21st, 09:00 talk_t

Great design but it feels a little light to me, not sure if the light colour would last long on a tee after a few washes? I like the girl but not sure if I like the rose as part of the design...
Fun Riebeeck May 21st, 08:57 talk_t

Freekin brilliant :D
astraunot May 21st, 08:55 talk_t

Cool concept but it feels like it is not finished.... Maybe if you use an actual astronaut and make the different levels like his side different sections of space? And maybe not just use plain stars but incorporate the milky way as well to give it a bit more of a solid feel? Good luck can't wait to see you resubmit :)
Teddy Bears May 21st, 08:49 talk_t

Hehe reminds me of bunny suicides :) Great use of colour!
saturnine May 21st, 08:44 talk_t

Absolutely beautiful :D the level of detail in this is spectacular. Love the use of different textures and the shading. Congrats on a brilliant design.
cuttlefish love May 21st, 08:22 talk_t

Great design and love the little tad of red :)
pretty May 21st, 08:20 talk_t

Cool character but also thinks it needs something, maybe add a background like Duncan suggested (maybe some place of beauty) or make a scene for example add more of the characters? Nice work though
Have some fun!! May 21st, 08:15 talk_t

Hehe love it when a tee makes me smile, great work and cool colours. Good luck :)
ESCAPE May 21st, 08:11 talk_t

Great design but have to agree with Maike and Kharma about the frame being a bit heavy and needing a bit of colour. It is a striking shirt and concept but it feels like the clouds and the frame are having a bit of a power struggle, like Kharma suggested maybe add some gradients on the birds and flowers to make them blend more with each other. Are the birds part of the frame or flying out of the picture? If the are flying out maybe you could make part of them still in colour so as to seem that they are still in transition? Good luck
African Heart May 21st, 08:02 talk_t

Cool concept :) Gotta agree with Nightshadeberry on the slogan though. Like the detail you put into the design and the girl with the Africa balloon is a brilliant touch. Keep up the good work :)
.:Untold Tales 2:. May 21st, 07:53 talk_t

Wow this is a brilliant follow up to the first one, the first Untold tales was one of my first Springleap shirts so can't wait for this one to win so I can start a collection. Love the fact that you switched it up and didn't use the army green again, instead you went with the white and colour background that works like a bomb! Can't get over the level of detail you put into these, can't wait for Untold tales 3,4,5,6......
Bloody Kingdoom May 21st, 07:47 talk_t

Jis you just keep on delivering hey :) this is one of my favorites, reminds me of the joker on the playing cards and the kids story about the joker and the king, just a little more evil :) the details are mind blowing and must have taken ages. Great choice of tee color as well hey, can't wait to get mine.