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STAYIN ALIVE Oct 29th, 16:08 talk_t

By the way punk rock is not dead... it's living on Florida in a senior house now :P
say it with flower Oct 29th, 16:03 talk_t

Andthis is related to theme because.....
STAYIN ALIVE Oct 29th, 16:02 talk_t

dude you really rock this time
VIVA FEVER! Oct 22nd, 17:07 talk_t

Thanks dusty :D
2010 Pinball! Oct 22nd, 17:05 talk_t

everyone hates him SFD Brullant concept and execution TU even is i'm runing this contest i really hope you win
True Oct 19th, 23:15 talk_t

Perfect for a lot of us :P
Football Crazy ... Oct 17th, 00:24 talk_t

I think that the ball is placed there woithout reason. is like if u has an idea and then you realize that the next contest is a football constest... and you said "oh what a heck i a ball and that's it"
VIVA FEVER! Oct 16th, 15:24 talk_t

I really like it. just one question: Why viva fever? sorry but i don't get it
True Oct 16th, 15:00 talk_t

@tu: dude thanks for advice i like u like it :D or that u laught a little at least :D
True Oct 16th, 14:57 talk_t

@lesh and dustyrich: Thank you for support. i'm glad that my desing make somebody laught :D @kingslip: i use a freebie called nonstop with some modifications
Township Bling Oct 15th, 19:47 talk_t

Is an awesome desing anyway dude don't give up :D
ak vuvuzela Oct 15th, 18:03 talk_t

it's related to contest theme in anyway?
Guitar Man Oct 15th, 13:45 talk_t

maybe a re run for next theme competition?
New Themed T-sh... Oct 5th, 09:23 word_up

Awesome theme. Sadlly i'll be too bussy :( hard months to desing... but i can try to do something
Township Bling Oct 3rd, 15:08 talk_t

awesome desing. i really hope you wins