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title when where
Love song Sep 27th, 10:35 talk_t

the best contest desing
mico mix Sep 27th, 10:34 talk_t

and the love?
United colors Sep 10th, 13:40 talk_t

Thank for comment!
The end is nigh Aug 20th, 09:37 talk_t

don´t tell me about that i don´t make prophecys i just make fun of that crap. of course nothng gonna happen in 2012.
The end is nigh Aug 20th, 07:26 talk_t

tips: read the erased dates :P The Prophets Have Been Wrong Before LOT of times i found at least 57 flase prophecys and prophets will be worng after 2012 too... i hope :P
Great ideas Aug 19th, 08:37 talk_t

i think in rocky horror picture show too... But i don´t have idea if was intentional or not
PLEASE STAND BY... Aug 14th, 23:29 talk_t

so dustyrich basically u are saying that u MUST be here to protect others from themselves? how can your only presence protect the world of medriocre desings? nothing personal but i can take care of my sense of fashion by myself sir. by the way the winner is not my favorite but congratz anyway!!!!!
Slime Flakes Aug 14th, 18:00 talk_t

i like it
The end is nigh Aug 14th, 17:22 talk_t

in fact is an ironi about that :P
Scarecrow Aug 13th, 14:27 talk_t

Thank you!
Deliver me Aug 12th, 19:19 talk_t

True sir. My mistake Awesome desing by the way
Deliver me Aug 12th, 18:29 talk_t

i forgot awesome desing i dont get it that's all
Build-a-suit Aug 12th, 18:27 talk_t

Deliver me Aug 12th, 17:54 talk_t

And is a tee against suit and ties because...
macrame Aug 12th, 17:35 talk_t

My favorite