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Dawn of the drunk Nov 12th, 19:46 talk_t

i love the concept and the colors.... another 5
Hip Hop is Undead Nov 12th, 19:44 talk_t

Teenage Zombie Nov 12th, 19:42 talk_t

i like it. simple but powerfull another 5
zombie or not z... Nov 12th, 19:41 talk_t

dude this contest is SO tough
Agony of Rebirth Nov 12th, 19:35 talk_t

i love it
Welcome to the ... Nov 12th, 19:34 talk_t

wow +5
STAYIN ALIVE Nov 12th, 19:25 talk_t

ok dude u won 3 in a row now STOP :P
VOTING *WHAT?* Nov 8th, 06:09 peeps

guys and galz first of all, pardon my english is not my native language so i write it poorlly. i think that TU deserve to win. his desing was so inspired that i knew that i have no chance at all when it saw it. in other hand i remeber this kind of topics when "PLEASE STAND BY" comes out and "PLEASE STAND BY" sold out 4 sizes. So i think that we really need to wait until "Color culture" comes out. Even if unlike the previous time i think that dusty is right. Anyway i think that network of gosht account are an issue and to be honest i'm 1 of the most harmed, me and all desingers from foreing countrys (my friends never vote just because my friends never buy springleap t-shirts) so maybe is ok that springleap reserve the right to make the final decision.
the hard of rock Nov 7th, 17:11 talk_t

awesome by the way
the hard of rock Nov 7th, 17:10 talk_t

it is printeable sir?
Questions Nov 6th, 19:58 word_up

Thanks Clomo y can see it again. :D
True Nov 4th, 18:32 talk_t

awww :( I guest i desing better in my mind lol
Questions Oct 30th, 18:36 word_up

i have a question why we can't see the soccer theme's score ?
2010 Pinball! Oct 30th, 04:07 talk_t

@tu: flipper mean pinball in some countrys also is a shame that u don't win this kus u realle deserve it :S
Guitar Man Oct 29th, 16:09 talk_t

i love it