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New Themed T-sh... Yesterday, 16:15 word_up

thanks guys
PLEASE STAND BY... Yesterday, 15:46 talk_t

congratz subur first sold out since long time
post-apocalypse Dec 10th, 17:26 talk_t

buena onda congratz
Wright out the ... Dec 10th, 16:40 talk_t

really dig it
" May-Day " Dec 10th, 16:40 talk_t

dig it
New Themed T-sh... Dec 9th, 05:42 word_up

sorry guys i'm little lost in thisone. can u explain a little more plz?
GLOBAL WARMING Dec 2nd, 15:28 talk_t

dude your understandard still awesome
GLOBAL WARMING Nov 27th, 20:55 talk_t

i like it but i think is far away that you can do
Green Fantasy Land Nov 26th, 22:52 talk_t

I dig it 100% VickyLee to win :D
Instant Winner Nov 26th, 22:47 talk_t

Guau Didn't See That Coming! too original! :D
the magical hat Nov 26th, 22:44 talk_t

this kind of out of theme should declined. I mean he cannot win at all! even if the desing have a final 5.0 print it could make theme competition pointless. Don't get me wrong i like the desing but i jusst don't see the point of let it in a eviroment themed competiton.
New Themed T-sh... Nov 26th, 14:57 word_up

i hate my luck i'm working in my "serious desing" ever LOL
New Themed T-sh... Nov 26th, 14:54 word_up

so ANYTHING funny?
STAYIN ALIVE Nov 13th, 02:02 talk_t

Dude is ok you ROCK seriouslly you are the biggest artist that i seen in 2009
Dawn of the drunk Nov 12th, 19:46 talk_t

i love the concept and the colors.... another 5