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2oceansvibe Radio Yesterday, 13:50 peeps

So awesome that they're on board with Springleap now! Just love their shows!! #ftw
STEPDOG TOTEM Yesterday, 12:01 talk_t

Love the concept Mars, colours are a bit Irie hey hahaha Great thinking here, lets see what the votes say
stepshirt: come Yesterday, 11:59 talk_t

Yeah the two fonts don't seem to flow well together The sizing is also off, everything just doesn't seem to balance
2oceansvibe Radio Yesterday, 10:49 peeps

The 2OV peeps are just too awesome! Great that its coming straight out of the Mother City :)
Epic Battle! May 5th, 16:10 talk_t

This is too awesome!
wrong May 5th, 15:27 talk_t

I quite like the placement and everything else about it! THIS IS SIC!
Who Believe in May 5th, 15:22 talk_t

I think its awesome but I would add more depth and shadows along the facial areas especially the eyes
the mummy May 5th, 15:19 talk_t

Yeah I agree with Cath maybe change it up a bit and submit to the Stepdog compo
tres_chic May 5th, 14:39 talk_t

I agree with Simon, if you added hints of colour elsewhere it would balance the design Pretty rad illustration style I must say
Nut May 5th, 14:36 talk_t

I love this one but I would love it more if it were on melange, I think melange would compliment the design a lot better than the blue
make art not news May 5th, 14:05 talk_t

Everything doesn't seem to fit together at all - its disjointed and scattered
Leaving the Cube May 5th, 12:29 talk_t

hahaha think outside the box! in this case the cube :) its cool, I dont mind the font but maybe it could be scaled a tiny bit for an easier read
Rush Hour May 5th, 12:26 talk_t

Love the use of negative space here, great detail and design elements
South African May 5th, 11:14 talk_t

It is definitely lacking more design elements, you need something that will pull the design together as well as making it more appealing to customers who may not be aware of the context of the design. If you can do both it would be amazing!
no place for May 3rd, 14:47 talk_t

Congratulations! I absolutely love this design I cannot wait until it gets printed :) Well done!