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no place for May 3rd, 15:53 talk_t

yay! so happy to know this! thanks all, thanks Springleap :D
the turtle way May 3rd, 12:37 talk_t

kharma rules ! thumbs up (re:5) fo ya
Nut May 3rd, 12:34 talk_t

best idea, best execution , and you got the aesthetic value. what a perfect design here. 5! we got the winner
no place for Apr 27th, 12:18 talk_t

thanks for your lovely feedbacks ,keep vote for this, folks ;)
The Dare Apr 27th, 12:11 talk_t

sparohawk : yes, it's my own artwork. thanks for your constructive criticism, means a lot for me :D all : keep vote guys, im still appreciating your feedbacks, no matter how bad or good it is. keep springleaping guys! :D
The Dare Apr 20th, 19:30 talk_t

simon : thanks dude, yes , you're right. it's two colour design all : thanks guys. i appreciate it, you're all rock! keep vote guys!
no place for Apr 17th, 22:17 talk_t

all : thanks for the feedbacks , really appreciate it :)
LONELINESS Apr 14th, 17:09 talk_t

love it!!
the little prince Apr 9th, 09:53 talk_t

i love the boy and his pet , but the background trully annoyed.
I Love Japan Apr 9th, 09:50 talk_t

i think Milton Glaser would wear it as well
Lady Bug & Aphid Apr 9th, 09:47 talk_t

so lovely ladybug, but i wouldnt wear it. it's so girly. but you have a great placement!
Double Zero Dead Apr 9th, 09:44 talk_t

i love the circles. omg,i was hypnotized!
The Jogging Dead Apr 9th, 09:39 talk_t

lol love it
Steamy punk Apr 9th, 09:37 talk_t

xul rules yeaaa!
Nature At War Apr 9th, 09:33 talk_t

i think the bats should put randomly