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We love it when a company treats it team right!

Not so long ago we put together a rather nifty corporate printing job for Admakers South Africa and we were stoked to see that they like to go the extra mile for their people.

They did this by presenting everyone who worked on the Isuzu shoot with a t-shirt that looked cool, but more importantly acted as a lil piece of memorabilia .

The t-shirt design was named Shooting Fork .
Truth be told I haven’t got a clue what that means.

I asked my boss and he says it probably has something to do with those signs that people shoot as they drive by.
The significance of this: UNKNOWN .

I get the feeling this was an inside joke on the job. I wish somebody out there would explain it to be, or maybe one of the Admakers crew .

Damn, I feel so out of the loop here, haha :P

At any rate the Shooting Fork design is clean and simple and surely makes the Admakers Isuzu team members all smile and nod in solidarity.
That is what it’s all about!

Isuzu delivers and Admakers delivers an awesome campaign ….talk about a dream team!

Admakers has been around for 22 years, which is a history you cannot deny.
If you would like to find out more about this prestigious company check them out at this link .

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This was one of my most rewarding jobs to date, as I had to turn it around in 3 days! I literally stopped all other print-jobs on the floor to squeeze this in.
And the meaning - it has to do with finding a fork in the road, and changing tack :)

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