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CHUCKY South African design guru CHUCKY DuncanBoxie on 28/11/09

CHUCKY made us all proud at Springleap.com when he walked away with the top spot in the Township Bling theme competition. We will undoubtedly be seeing more from this talented young man.

The winner of our Township Bling theme competition CHUCKY DuncanBoxie on 28/11/09

Our Township Bling was seriously contested design battle. But in the end only one man stood above the rest. CHUCKY IS that man!

Got your back design info CHUCKY DuncanBoxie on 21/12/09

Here is the brilliant winner of our The Living Dead competition. Scary just became super funny :)

A closer look at Wright out the sky! CHUCKY DuncanBoxie on 9/1/10

This is the stunning victor of our fiercly contested The Wright Stuff design competition. In the end CHUCKY’s aerial masterpiece blew the rest of the competition Wright out of the sky ;)

Quarantine by CHUCKY CHUCKY DuncanBoxie on 11/5/10

CHUCKY is a very well respected designer who has won many competitions with us here at Springleap.com
This time around CHUCKY beat out a boat load of competitors to scoop the Advanced Photoshop theme competition, with his stunningly dark Quarantine design.

Kitten Licken winning design CHUCKY DuncanBoxie on 14/9/10

CHUCKY just keeps on winning. This styling designer keeps coming back with original design after original design. This time around he blows us away with a parody that all South Africans can appreciate!

Springleap veteran Grant Shepley (AKA: CHUCKY) CHUCKY DuncanBoxie on 10/11/10

CHUCKY is one of those designers that just gets better and better with each passing submission .
Not only is he one of the leading members of the South African design crew, but he also a really down to earth guy who is always willing to lend a hand.

Lets find out more about this talented designer and how he manages to reinvent himself with such ease!