Dead Maria (2) by DustyRich

This a shoe shine of an earlier design, studied some new techniques and drawing styles and this is the result.
Absolutely no religious views what so ever.

1 colour of red(darkest red)percentages of the same colour

Dead Maria....dead only in name. with DustyRich by DuncanBoxie

Here is another mind blowing design from the mind of DustyRich, who has been one of the greatest contributors to ever.

1. What were you thinking when you first started the design?

I wanted to smash my first design into the ground, the first design i was using primitive methods i got myself a design tablet and used my drawing skills to better the design, better design programs also helped.

2. What does this design make you feel?

I dunno Dr Phil, its a piece to celebrate death rather than mourning, so i would have to say celebratory feelings.

3. How long did it take you to complete your piece?

About 3 hrs including drawing time.

4. Did any other artwork inspire you to create this?

Yeah alot of my tattoo influences come into all my work Maria is a subject often used in tattooing .

5. Do you think this design reflects your state of mind from when it was created?

Nah not really just wanted to improve the old one didnt get my point across too well the first time, my point being I illustrate like a man possesed

6. Is this your normal style or an experiment?

Definately my normal style.

7. Who do you dedicate this design to?
A> Religious freaks

8. If you could change anything in this design what would it be?
A> Nothin, happy with it.
9. What kind of person do you see wearing this design?
A> Anyone and everyone except maybe pastors, priests and deekins that wouldn’t go down too well with his/carreer options.

10. If you could pick any artist to recreate this piece for you who would it be?
A> Tokyogogo, love to see her with long wavy arms and some killer skulls swimmin in the roses.


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