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The Mystical Owl

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Owl has been a mystical creature for a long time

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thanks :)

shoutBack on 19/6/11 by zenstudio

Love, love, LOVE!!! This one is my absolute favourite out of this lot! I love the simplicity of black-on-white, but yet the textured and very different design of the bird. Very very nice Zen!!

shoutBack on 14/6/11 by Maike

thanks all :)

shoutBack on 14/6/11 by zenstudio


shoutBack on 12/6/11 by lossbit

I’ll wear this for sure! Nice balance in detail.

shoutBack on 10/6/11 by Nightshadeberry

thanks guys

shoutBack on 9/6/11 by zenstudio


shoutBack on 6/6/11 by vcalahan

5 for sure

shoutBack on 3/6/11 by sayahelmi

Wow! This must have taken ages to illustrate! Really awesome work.

shoutBack on 3/6/11 by CathRon

sick style 5

shoutBack on 3/6/11 by bleet