Ghost ship

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Open Theme 7

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Hope you like it!


wow cool!

shoutBack on 9/11/10 by ndikol

would be great if you could make the base of the ship in glow ink.

shoutBack on 8/11/10 by sebasebi

I like!
Awesome yet again!

shoutBack on 8/11/10 by SmithMachine

Arrr, Mateys! This design has an incredible amount of movement in it. You can almost imagine a conquest taking place and you feel the cold stormy sea & eerie atmosphere creep through you when looking at this.

Beautiful work.

shoutBack on 8/11/10 by cloMO

WOW - Sebasebi - I am speechless. Freaking awesome work as always!!!

I love the ghostly qualities and the way the print breaks up. ROCKSTAR!

shoutBack on 7/11/10 by EranEyal


shoutBack on 2/11/10 by sebasebi

nice job

shoutBack on 2/11/10 by suburbanhijinx

Really awesome man!! Love it

shoutBack on 1/11/10 by Kartune

The ship looks really wicked, nice job!!!

shoutBack on 1/11/10 by CHUCKY

Whoa Seba this one is seriously brilliant.
Great work brutha man!
I love how it merges with the t-shirt. POWER!!

shoutBack on 29/10/10 by DuncanBoxie