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Hope you like it!


Hehehe nice one Kharma…soon we will have a whole tribe doing the dance :D

shoutBack on 29/11/10 by DuncanBoxie

Wow! Awesome design once again :)

shoutBack on 28/11/10 by CHUCKY

another amazing piece from you,i’m joining Duncan in the rain dance ;-))

shoutBack on 26/11/10 by kharmazero

Hahaha, i really like see that Duncan!

shoutBack on 26/11/10 by sebasebi

Well burn my wigwam….another insanely hot Sebasebi design.
Dude you are so consistently good its scary.
LOve this one.
Doing a lil rain dance

shoutBack on 26/11/10 by DuncanBoxie

I like it!! As usual!!

shoutBack on 25/11/10 by Diani