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Open Theme October 2

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I was going for a optical illusion type thing, but with a spooky atmosphere (kind of Tim Burton). Just out of interest “Shadowplay” is the title of a Joy Division track.


The symmetry rocks. As well as the scary looking hands. It is somewhat an experimentle piece of work, from your last stuff. But it works. Brought altogether, neatly with a beautiful finish.

shoutBack on 23/2/10 by Lassiwe

rad bro!

shoutBack on 20/2/10 by kunninglinguizt

Thanks anonimo and Zave for the great comments! Zave they’re not birds in the background they’re actually bats, just thought I’d mention it

shoutBack on 19/2/10 by CHUCKY

Brilliant design!! The effect of the dead trees that provide shadows that look like hands clawing into the gravel is a awesome initiative!! Brilliant Tshirt colour to match the design image. I like the effect of the moon and the birds, gives a sense of Hallowween, which is overused but you created a unique depiction. link text

shoutBack on 17/2/10 by Zave

Love it. You’ve got my vote!

shoutBack on 16/2/10 by anonimo

Thanks for comments!
@ DuncanBoxie, no only know the Joy Divison song and the cover by the Killers!

shoutBack on 15/2/10 by CHUCKY

Good work once again
Like the realistic shadow hands

shoutBack on 15/2/10 by Sheps

Hehe just read the Tad Williams novel Shadowplay. No association right CHUCKY?
Simple and scary…love it!

shoutBack on 12/2/10 by DuncanBoxie

great job!

shoutBack on 12/2/10 by suburbanhijinx

Shadowplay is my favourite Killers song. ;) iLike!

shoutBack on 11/2/10 by dotnot