The great window

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Didn't make it
Open Theme December 1

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Hope you like it!

6 colors on melange, in black also looks good.


Goodness gracious Seba this is truly brilliant. Kinda reminds me a bit of the Own Heaven design. Niiiice!

shoutBack on 11/1/11 by DuncanBoxie

This is brilliant and need a print somewhere ! Why not here ?

shoutBack on 10/1/11 by Kakolak

very nice!!

shoutBack on 9/1/11 by amyabrahams

thanks guys!
I´m glad you like it!

shoutBack on 7/1/11 by sebasebi

again the awesomeness!!!

shoutBack on 7/1/11 by Qimstudio

Seb does it again. Beautiful design and execution.

shoutBack on 7/1/11 by SmithMachine

this is beautiful! i think though that your window should have been a bit shorter.

shoutBack on 6/1/11 by Megs

sebasebi - you keep my eyes well fed with your beautiful designs!

shoutBack on 6/1/11 by CathRon