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Dream weaver Oct 18th, 11:04 talk_t

Cool one mate. Pseudo-3D!!! Where is the image from? Did u take the snap?
Who are you? Oct 18th, 10:54 word_up

Heya Chinesefood. Please give Sarah in our HR department a mail and bounce through your CV. You can get her at: sarah@springleap.com
FrankEinstein Oct 18th, 09:41 talk_t

I'm on the case Sergio :)
Who are you? Oct 18th, 09:32 word_up

Dynamite comes in small packages Naasier :)
AbbeyRoad reloaded Oct 18th, 09:08 talk_t

Dammit i was ho... Oct 15th, 11:25 talk_t

HEHEHE thats funny...yeah who is ever happy when Butterflyman comes to save the day....give us THE BAT!!!! :D
Sky Blue Splash Oct 15th, 11:16 talk_t

Very 90's splatter of you :)
YinYang1 Oct 15th, 11:15 talk_t

Hmmm the design seems to be haphazardly placed...also those small design elements on either side should go...detracts form your central design.
olla nino Oct 15th, 11:13 talk_t

WoW this is bursting with character power. Kinda has a Gorillaz vibe going on. Great work!!!!
dad? Oct 15th, 11:07 talk_t

LoL this is quite a fun design! Personally I would have liked to see this character centered on the chest and drop the text.
A River Named E... Oct 15th, 11:06 talk_t

Hmmm this one is quite different from your other designs...think I prefer the others. Just too much brown goin on here methinks!
Magic Bag of Tik Oct 15th, 11:03 talk_t

BWAHAHAHA psychotropes made from house hold ingredients :P Mikdog, as always, taking the art of parody to new heights!!!! I personally saw Felix straight away...but thats just me.
Who are you? Oct 15th, 08:31 word_up

Welcome Mr. Airpunch!
we love humans ... Oct 14th, 17:22 talk_t

Hehe has a very Simpsons alien vibe going on. Def a prober species am I right :D
The Night Oct 14th, 17:20 talk_t

Dude after winning the last compo you walk into this one with such an amazing design. Breathtaking work my man. GO Qim!!!!!