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Boerewors, Bran... Oct 20th, 08:50 talk_t

Hehehe agreed, love the write up bud! Its a tad simple for this compo I think, but its still really fun.
AbbeyRoad reloaded Oct 19th, 17:29 talk_t

Hi there everyone. I have spoken to Grafismo about the situation and have started a conversation about it on his "FrankEinstein":http://www.springleap.com/designs/view/frankeinstein design page. Cruise across and leave some constructive comments please. Thx for your patience :)
FrankEinstein Oct 19th, 17:27 talk_t

Hi there all. As many of you would have read below this design was flagged for being sold on a different website. I spoke to Grafismo about the design and he let me know that the design itself was being sold for a period of 3-4 months, but that the print license had not been renewed. This is why he felt he could send this design through. What I would like to know from the community is their honest opinion on this matter. Do you feel we should accept designs that are submitted under these circumstances? Please, constructive comments only guys and girls.
Ronin Oct 19th, 09:43 talk_t

Wheres Eran? He would like this one *nudge nudge*
Certified Good ... Oct 19th, 09:37 talk_t

Hmmm it has potential. The text kills it a bit for me unfortunately. The background element seems quite light...could perhaps be even darker!
Call of Kerthulhu Oct 19th, 09:36 talk_t

This design is a clear 5 for me, because I'm slightly obsessed with Cthulu Mythos :D Just who is Cthulu: Cthulhu is a fictional cosmic entity created by horror author H. P. Lovecraft in 1926. The first appearance of the entity was in the short story "The Call of Cthulhu" published in Weird Tales in 1928. Cthulhu is one of the central Great Old Ones of the Lovecraft Mythos. It is often cited for the extreme descriptions given of its hideous appearance, its gargantuan size, and the abject terror that it evokes. Cthulhu is often referred to in science fiction and fantasy circles as a tongue-in-cheek shorthand for extreme horror or evil. Wiki-
Illuminati Prop... Oct 19th, 09:31 talk_t

Sweeeet, look forward to some diff colours bud! But in all honesty this one is perfecto!!!!
KAK Oct 19th, 09:29 talk_t

Agree with Eran here....take your design to the next level by creating a unique effect, such as making it look like an actual headline street poster. Fun design...I'd wear it ;)
Kghaeh Kgheah Oct 19th, 09:10 talk_t

Insane cool Kingslip! Very different style.
Heavy metal vir... Oct 19th, 09:02 talk_t

Tad too simple for me, but I can see the commercial attraction :)
rain runner Oct 19th, 09:02 talk_t

Yo dude love your style! Your Frog Temple design is still my favorite submission of yours though ;)
Who are you? Oct 19th, 08:55 word_up

Yo Orman90 are you a evil Blackbeard kinda pirate, a rubber dingy Somalian pirate, or a magical fruit eating pirate like Monkey D. Luffy???
Splash Butterfly Oct 18th, 16:42 talk_t

Hmmm not really my scene, but I really think it looks cool on the melange :)
donut biker Oct 18th, 16:36 talk_t

Niiiiice! Clean and easy with some great lil characters. Me likey!!!!
Stell-R Oct 18th, 16:35 talk_t

This is nice as a stand-alone design element...but needs to be used in conjunction with a few more ideas and elements to be truly brought to life. This would look sick on a black trucker cap...POW!