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arrival at frog... Oct 21st, 16:14 talk_t

Yo Mr. Kharma Dude this design is super cool....u can see its getting lotsa love :)
Outing Oct 21st, 16:05 talk_t

Yo dude love this colour version of this design...very slick!
Smash! Oct 21st, 08:58 talk_t

Hi there all. Listen we are dealing with a similar situation with Grafismo's designs. Take a look at this "posting":http://www.springleap.com/designs/view/frankeinstein and give us your thoughts on the matter. I'd really like to know the community opinion in this regard!
Buried Treasure Oct 20th, 16:54 talk_t

Hehehe really wicked funny one here! Clever :D
Head Over Heels Oct 20th, 16:48 talk_t

HEHE one for the ladies huh. The only time I'm head over heels in this situation is when I trip over my girlfriend's heels :P
DON'T PANIC Oct 20th, 16:33 talk_t

Hahaha I NEVER PANIC....I have my towel after all :D Cool design for the fans ;)
Who are you? Oct 20th, 15:51 word_up

HAHAHA nice one Orman ;) @Drommedaris: yeah Devaint is so huge these days...like a sea of artists! @Heids: Ah no come back to CT, beware the evil lols. Nah u gotta do what u gotta do...freedom is coming though!!!!
SickNinja Oct 20th, 09:44 talk_t

SIIIIICK!!!! Dude this kicks much ninja bum. Would def sell well methinks ;)
Atomic psychede... Oct 20th, 09:39 talk_t

I hear what they are saying about the composition. Also block print ;)
sleepy seabears Oct 20th, 09:26 talk_t

EPIC DESIGN!!!! Just love how whimsical it is, the creatures and the use of colour....top notch design!
Cards Of Life Oct 20th, 09:18 talk_t

Wowzers this is sick...as in awesome sick, not too many beer sick :P I wantie!!!!
War Angel Oct 20th, 09:16 talk_t

Cool, but would look epic on the back of the t-shirt rather. We don't do that.....yet ;)
SHOCK&AWE; Oct 20th, 09:14 talk_t

LOve the design, I'd def wear this one mate. I love rips of pretentious commercial brands. Saw this shop in Hout Bay called Dolce and Bannana, hehe :)
YMCK Oct 20th, 09:11 talk_t

Yeah a real designers design thats for sure. Best CMYK design I have seen since the mad cool one by "Simon":http://www.springleap.com/designs/view/cmy back in the day :D
Child Of The Un... Oct 20th, 09:04 talk_t

Hmmm very interesting! If Sebasebi's Mr.Cosmos had a daughter, this is what she would look like :D