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iPad Nomad brush Mar 31st, 13:58 peeps

Oh wow this is so *awesome*!! New technologies never stop amazing me. Now you can paint without getting all messy, which means you can do it anywhere, anytime :) fun fun
the killer Mar 31st, 13:51 talk_t

@acme: I agree on the shape. but the mouse is very cute :)
grandpa yeti and Mar 31st, 13:50 talk_t

Aww this is also too cute!! loving the butterfly & grandpa yeti just looks so adorable & cuddly :)
Stink no more! Mar 31st, 13:48 talk_t

@CathRon & everyone else: I totally agree!! LoveLOveLOOOVEE this!! It's just too cute & done so well :) Please please can we make this the winner!
Examples of Mar 31st, 13:40 word_up

These are really cool and a great idea to have as an additional product offering!!
Looney Bunny Mar 31st, 13:38 talk_t

:/ once again - too evil for me. i like the colours tho & can see the guys probably liking this
Master Spring Bot Mar 31st, 13:37 talk_t

this looks quite fun, but I don't like the skull :( it takes away from the pink heart & fuzzy feeling that brings about. fun idea tho
Mr America Mar 31st, 13:33 talk_t

this is too gross & depressing :( i like happy designs.
Falling into you Mar 31st, 13:32 talk_t

Oooo... this is so *pwetty* :) i lurv it too much <3