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Hansa: The Creation

shoutOut on 7/6/11 by Qimstudio in

minimal color design. The state of art creation begins with state of art ingredients. Hope u guys like it! =)

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great Qim!

shoutBack on 29/6/11 by Rubyrovic

That’s great!!

shoutBack on 14/6/11 by vcalahan

thanks again everyone! keep rocking springleap!! XD

shoutBack on 11/6/11 by Qimstudio

just one word: AMAZING!

shoutBack on 10/6/11 by MEKAZOO


shoutBack on 9/6/11 by zenstudio


shoutBack on 9/6/11 by dewedhe

Oh wow. That is stunning and very intricate. Just not sure about the rose-bud as the figure’s head..? Seems a bit strange. But a beautiful illo nonetheless. Well done as always Quim! ;)

shoutBack on 7/6/11 by Maike

Nice! I like the way you fade the design out at the edges.

shoutBack on 7/6/11 by CathRon

very pretty

shoutBack on 7/6/11 by acme