Springleap top seller 2011

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Hi there Springleapers,

We have had so many amazing winners on Springleap, but which designs have sold the best in 2011?

I was pondering this question yesterday so I asked our fearless stock manager to dig up some numbers for me, thanks Lester, you rock bud!

So what is the Springleap top seller 2011?

1. Freedom Walker by Tu
2. eSempowenis by Wolfox
3. All we are is energy by Sebasebi
4. Evolution by Sebasebi
5. Got your back by CHUCKY
6. Killer Rabbit by Vcalahan
7. Green by Vomaria
8. I WANNA ROCK by Emberplastik
9. Illuminati Propaganda by Suburbanhijinx
10. Sailing on a Lotus Flower by Sebasebi

Hmmm, well I can’t say that I’m surprised with the top 3 spots. These designs have been consistent top sellers since they were first printed. However there were a few designs that I was pleasantly surprised to see had climbed up the list pretty quickly….which points to serious popularity!

The number 1 spot is taken by the hugely popular design Freedom Walker by the ever impressive Tu. This design has been around for ages and ages, but the concept and slick easy design is absolutely timeless. I have a feeling that this one will be sitting around the Top 3 for at least another year.
When it comes to super-groovy AFRO-FUNK there is nothing that quite ‘measures up’ to Freedom Walker. What is really interesting about this design is that it has done just as well with t-shirt lovers overseas as it has with South Africans. Maybe that shouldn’t surprise us…Mandela is the MAN!

Second place belongs to Wolfox with eSempowenis. This design has also been around for eons…in fact even longer than Freedom Walker. In the past this design sat comfortably in the number 1 selling spot. This is our most successful parody design thus far. Its clever African slant on the Simpsons was a stroke of genius and seems to be loved by people from all cultures. eSempowenis has been controversial at times, but without doubt a winner that has ‘stood the test of time’. I wore this to the recent Rocking the Daisies festival and got loads of positive comments!

The last designer I really want to mention here is Sebasebi. Not only did he slide into our third spot with his All we are is energy, but he is also our most prolific designer in the Top 10. This means that he showed up with more designs than any other designer.
We are talking about a whopping 3 designs: All we are is energy (3rd place), Evolution (4th place), Sailing on a Lotus Flower (10th place).
The most interesting of these winning designs for me is actually Sailing on a Lotus Flower, because it is a very VERY new design. In fact it is so new that it is still only on pre-order. WOW that is massively popular! I couldn’t believe that one of our Top 10 could be selected on pre-buys alone. Intense! Great job Sebasebi.

Honestly all of the Springleap top seller 2011 designs are absolutely amazing!

Obviously the year is not quite over and there could be a possible fluctuation with the rankings, especially considering we will soon be hit with Christmas prezzie orders.
Yep, Xmas is just around the corner boys and girls….we can’t deny it any longer. What a whirlwind of a year!

Right now however Tu is our Springleap top seller 2011!
I highly doubt any design will be able to shake him off his throne at this late stage. Well done dude.

What do you think of the top 10? How many of these tees do you own?
I get a pretty solid 5/10 ;)

CHUCKY, Emberplastik, Vomaria, Tu, Suburbanhijinx, Vcalahan, Wolfox, Sebasebi….you are all LEGENDS!!!

With Battle of the Best 2011 coming up soon, it will be interesting to see what super cool designs these gurus come up with next. Can Sebasebi hold on to his title???



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