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Sebasebi interview sebasebi DuncanBoxie on 17/12/09

This amazing artist hails all the way from Argentina.
Sebastian has the kind of style that just works beautifully on t-shirts.

Enviro Mental competition winner sebasebi DuncanBoxie on 17/12/09

This was the very worthy winner of our Enviro Mental theme competition. The design itself looks great, but also stays true to the message of “green-thinking”.

Mr. Cosmos Battle of the Best Winner sebasebi DuncanBoxie on 4/3/10

Sebasebi became the very first winner of our coveted Battle of the Best design competition. This competition saw the coming together of the finest designers in’s history and pitted their design prowess against each other. Sebasebi’s amazing Mr. Cosmos design blew everyone away with its originality and sheer aesthetic brilliance.

All we are is energy writeup sebasebi DuncanBoxie on 19/5/10

Sebasebi has become a very well respected designer on
Here he wins again with another styling “space theme” of nebula sized proportions!

Evolution winning design is Evolution? sebasebi DuncanBoxie on 4/8/10

Sebasebi has become very well known around these parts for his highly imaginative super-deatiled designs. This time around we were gobsmacked by his intricate design of how human evolution is affected.

Own Heaven design interview sebasebi DuncanBoxie on 14/9/10

Sebasebi is a name that is associated with quality and design brilliance on
This time around was no different, as his Own Heaven design took his reputation to new heights.