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Didn't make it
Open Theme 7

Words by the designer:

This is an old design that I like a lot,
I hope you like it too.
The splatter is made in halftones.
5 colors, white shirt.


wow sweet :)

shoutBack on 9/11/10 by ndikol

Thanks for the comments!
I´m glad you like it!

shoutBack on 8/11/10 by sebasebi

Oh, seb, what are we going to do with you!
Stop it already!
The benchmark you set is way too high for me already!
But I’m not going to stop trying to match you!
Awesome again!

shoutBack on 8/11/10 by SmithMachine

This design amazes me. You are a VERY talented designer sebasebi. This would look incredible on a Canvas. I’m just not sure it sits very well on a T-shirt. I think it would work better if the colour bubbles moved with the conforms of the T-shirt.

shoutBack on 8/11/10 by cloMO

BEAUTIFUL design! - this totally rocks.

shoutBack on 7/11/10 by EranEyal

that is awesome design dude!
and fantastic idea! 5!

shoutBack on 4/11/10 by Qimstudio

This design is very cool!!!

shoutBack on 2/11/10 by Nadean

Yes Kharmazero, and thanks for the comments.

shoutBack on 2/11/10 by sebasebi

very cool.

shoutBack on 2/11/10 by suburbanhijinx

it is beautiful and you’re right to love it, this design deserves a print.I would be very curious to know how you halftoned all these colors.Using CMY layers and then bitmap it?

shoutBack on 1/11/10 by kharmazero