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Rush Hour

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Open Theme April 2

Words by the designer:

I was fan of starcraft since i was a boy, there’s my homage.

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wow guys (and girls) :D ty for so many amazing comments :D

shoutBack on 9/5/11 by Sergio37

Wow!!! what a design! the detail, colours and use of negative space is all unbelievably good! was a big zerg fan:)

shoutBack on 7/5/11 by CHUCKY

not my style but awesome illo

shoutBack on 6/5/11 by kharmazero

Love the use of negative space here, great detail and design elements

shoutBack on 5/5/11 by amyabrahams

This really is such a boy’s t-shirt… :(
But your designs always have such unbelievable energy to them.

shoutBack on 4/5/11 by CathRon

impressive how u use the negative spaces and turn them to shadows! great work!!

shoutBack on 29/4/11 by Qimstudio

AWESOME! I’m a Starcraft fan….Zerg for the win :)

Agree with Simon here this is some maddeningly good illy power.
Your use of negative space with the darkness is pulled off with serious style.

shoutBack on 29/4/11 by DuncanBoxie

Beautiful illustration, obvious talent and attention to detail. This is what all submissions should be about, show them!

This is very “niche” though in the sense that it will appeal to a portion of the market interested in the genre that starcraft falls into. Nevertheless though, those who it does appeal to, will love it!

I think the way you’ve incorporated the T-Shirt colour into the shadows is very awesome, and the colours compliment the T-Shirt colour nicely.

Would I wear it? No. Because the subject matter does not appeal to me. If I were a starcraft (or the like) fan, would I wear it? YOU BET!

Good work.

shoutBack on 29/4/11 by simon

Good design work but totally not my vibe! WAY too dark & mean :(
Can see the boys loving this one though!

shoutBack on 28/4/11 by Maike

amazing art!!!nice shadow and light technique!

shoutBack on 28/4/11 by dewedhe