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Open Theme April 1

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Hope you like it!


Wow, this is an interesting twist on the tree concept, and I am liking it!

I love how well the orange, purple and yellw tones are working together, in an almost 80’s sense, you know.

Tree’s seem to be a common choice of subject matter for designers, and I think had it not been for the application of those brighter colours, along with the interesting “sun” behind, and those electro roots in the trunk, this would have been just another tree design but you’ve taken it a step further and I feel you’ve made it work well.

Nice choice of T-Shirt colour too. This one can be worn by the discerning hippie as well as the urban warrior!

shoutBack on 27/4/11 by simon

Thanks for the comments!

shoutBack on 20/4/11 by sebasebi

This is a beautiful design not sure if the t - shirt illustration does it justice though.

shoutBack on 20/4/11 by Izzicane

Wow this is very different for you will be interesting to see how this transpires

shoutBack on 20/4/11 by amyabrahams

just wow sir, very surprising and interesting

shoutBack on 19/4/11 by kharmazero

i love this style sebasebi

shoutBack on 18/4/11 by sayahelmi

Thanks guys!
Yes Duncan I try something different here. Let’s see how works.

shoutBack on 15/4/11 by sebasebi

Wow this is some mad colour use man.
You experimenting here a little perhaps?
I like what you have done here!

shoutBack on 15/4/11 by DuncanBoxie

Pretty! The purple is a bit distracting though

shoutBack on 15/4/11 by CathRon

AWESOME!! Absolutely LOVE this!!

shoutBack on 15/4/11 by Maike