shoutOut on 7/4/08 by Eric in wordUp

So you’ve registered, but you’re having trouble with something - ANYTHING?

This is the place to ask…

Do you want to know how to upload a design into the competition?

Or where to start a new blog post?

Or if anything isn’t working the way you think it should?



Hi Springleap :)

I’m new here and I’m trying to buy my first t-shirt. I’m using internet banking with FNB (South Africa) and the banking details made available aren’t adequate unfortunately. I need an account number (available), a branch code (not available), and a type of bank account (my options are cheque or bond, savings, transmission, subscription share, fnbcard, and wesbank accounts). I have tried adding springleap as a recipient with the information made available but it’s not sufficient unfortunately. Please advise.

shoutBack on 7/3/11 by kelltrill

HELLO! I entered the March 1st open theme contest and got accepted!! But now when i go to my design workspace to view my design it states 404 this page does not exist!! Did my entry get pulled out if the contest for some reason? My entry is called BYZANTIA. Thank you for your time and im looking forward for some reply.

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Stuniq please drop me a mail: duncan@springleap.com

When you sign up your confirmation email should give you a coupon link.

shoutBack on 3/3/11 by DuncanBoxie

I just joined… where do I find my coupon code…?

shoutBack on 2/3/11 by stuniq

HI there Kharma :)
Yes indeed designers will def make money off this.
As for the samples I will have to get back to you once we finalize this in our budget.

Riaan please drop me a mail at duncan@springleap.com and I will sort you out no worries.

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How do I delete my profile from your site?

shoutBack on 1/3/11 by RiaanWest

Hi all, i also saw that you are doing some posters prints by now.Will designers get something from this ?Can we have some samples?

shoutBack on 24/2/11 by kharmazero

“On a side note – we are working on an AWESOME way for you to make lots of cash on designs that don’t win where we don’t own the designs.” Oooooooooo Cannot WAIT for THIS! YEY!

shoutBack on 24/2/11 by dotnot

Heya Dotnot - let me lay it out so it’s totally clear :

If a t-shirt wins Sprinlgeap owns the rights to that design exclusively.


1. Springleap owns the design. Period.
2. You can’t enter it anywhere.
3. If you want to use it for a personal use such as for a big portfolio evening, you need to ask us first (we always say yes ;P - in fact if it’s a showing or something we send people to the event!)
4. You can never use it for any commercial benefit.

We are always very clear on this.


1. We do not own the right to any design we don’t pay for - ie if you don’t win Springleap have no ownership except to display the design at Springleap.com
2. We may approach you to purchase the design on behalf of a client. (you can say no :P)
3. The only time this may change is if it is in the brief eg : Raizcorp had a stipulation that any design that was entered could be asked to be displayed for non-commercial benefit and that the artist would be credited.
4. You can do whatever you like with the design if it does not win.

On a side note - we are working on an AWESOME way for you to make lots of cash on designs that don’t win where we don’t own the designs.

Think I covered all of it.

shoutBack on 24/2/11 by EranEyal

Hi, So how does the terms and conditions work regarding a winning t-shirt? Are yo allowed to use your own winning artwork in other international competitions? Or personally print more winning tees out of your own budget for reselling? Does the artist own any rights to his winning design?

shoutBack on 24/2/11 by dotnot