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So you’ve registered, but you’re having trouble with something - ANYTHING?

This is the place to ask…

Do you want to know how to upload a design into the competition?

Or where to start a new blog post?

Or if anything isn’t working the way you think it should?



hi, i’m new to springleap, i have a question about design submission.
does the final artwork must be in a vector format? or i can use a hi-res psd format (300dpi or more)

thank you :)

shoutBack on 20/4/11 by monochromefrog

Hey Ricc

Glad you dropped us a mail too, so we can get onto it! We will track the parcel and let you know asap, otherwise we will resend a replacement. I have it in my diary to follow-up tomorrow for you! So sorry about this.

shoutBack on 19/4/11 by CathRon

Hey guys,

I ordered a rather awesome shirt from you guys around 7 weeks ago, and even though I’m based in the UK…sad for me…I would’ve thought it would be here by now :(

Reference: 5688-20110301-WEBB
Transaction Date: 01/03/2021 12:27:28 AM

shoutBack on 19/4/11 by RiccWebb

Zedman dude. Sorry for the wait.
Will sort this out for you asap.

We know about that image display issue with voting. We are on it ;)

shoutBack on 15/4/11 by DuncanBoxie

Hi. I requested that my email needs to change from zedman1@gmail.com to zaheedmanuel@gmail.com a while back.

I had a response but no-one actioned it. Could someone please follow this up.


Also cant we have all the T-shirts one page when we vote. The way it is now its quite irritable to click “show me another design.” Sometimes the same t-shirt appears twice or thrice.


shoutBack on 12/4/11 by zedman

Hi Mischy. We don’t display how many people have voted, rather we give you a score, which you will see at the end of the voting process.

shoutBack on 8/4/11 by DuncanBoxie

if you’ve submitted a design, how do u check how many people have voted for you?

shoutBack on 8/4/11 by Mischy

@waterbitten: go to the actual design page, look on the right hand side. There is a banner for “add a photo”.
Upload and it will then be placed in our gallery!

@ashrodda: it is always sent via email :)

shoutBack on 4/4/11 by DuncanBoxie

Hi there
I’m new to your site and am keen to buy a gift voucher for a friend’s birthday tomorrow and was hoping that you sent the voucher electronically (immediately) but it looks like it gets hand delivered. Is this the case? If so, I will rethink the gift as it won’t arrive in time. Thanks

shoutBack on 1/4/11 by ashrodda

Hello :),

Just wanted to find out: how do i add pictures to the gallery for springleap tees that are not featured in the banner?

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