shoutOut on 7/4/08 by Eric in wordUp

So you’ve registered, but you’re having trouble with something - ANYTHING?

This is the place to ask…

Do you want to know how to upload a design into the competition?

Or where to start a new blog post?

Or if anything isn’t working the way you think it should?



how can I order a reprint?

shoutBack on 27/5/11 by maishalove

Hey I’m having a problem with notifications, I tried numerous times to select the notifications on the My profile section. Tried clicking save and not saving but neither works. Can you please help me out? Thanks :)

shoutBack on 21/5/11 by Izzicane

Is this the one we dealt with right Qim?

shoutBack on 20/5/11 by DuncanBoxie

@Duncan- i’ve send an email regarding my design submission but still no reply. =(

shoutBack on 12/5/11 by Qimstudio

@r: Sounds like your the voting date for that submission has not started yet.

@Rody: dude u all sorted now I hope?

shoutBack on 11/5/11 by DuncanBoxie

Shout out to Eric

How to upload a design in a competition?

I have made a couple of designs for the Hansa competition

Tshepo Lehutjo

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I have designed and uploaded a design into the open theme that you can currently vote for.
But i dont see it on the voting page and if i go my submissions page and click on its link it doesn’t take me to the entry page, it takes me to the vote page. Can you help?

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by r

Cool :) keep leaping

shoutBack on 29/4/11 by Izzicane

@monochromefroh: Final artwork can be in either format.

@Izzicane: We are sorting out this issue as we speak.

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Hey why is the Twitter account for Springleap suspended?

shoutBack on 28/4/11 by Izzicane