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December 2008

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Words by the designer:

No past.
No future.
Just this one eternal moment.

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Infinity by Milkdog is really cool. It warrants a reprint without the required numbers! No doubt, it will be sold out once again. It’s a classic logo/emblem and there’ll always be a hype around it!!!!

shoutBack on 26/1/10 by shiehaamb

We will hopefully be reprinting this design in the new year - so stay posted!

shoutBack on 18/12/09 by EranEyal

I WANT! why is this sold out. How do i get this reprinted?!

shoutBack on 18/12/09 by InfamousArtist

Ok, well I got some and they’re pretty awesome ;) Maybe wasn’t such a hot idea printing the green design on a green background, but still, it looked pretty awesome. Gave 2 of them away and the recipients were pretty stoked. Amazed at how much detail they can get into a print ha ha. Should take some photos when I can. Yo.

shoutBack on 5/5/09 by mikdog

Well, not really. I didn’t get paid for it and I can’t submit it anywhere else. Payment is 2 shirts when they get printed. :( Oh well, they’ve since changed their model that’s there’s only one winner every 2 weeks, and that winner gets a handsome sum on money and lank shirt prizes. Better. Spent at least 5k of work on this shirt.

shoutBack on 12/3/09 by mikdog

congraz!!looks like all the work payed off rit?!!?

shoutBack on 1/1/09 by folkaa

Mikdog- this is some mad mad design - totally rocked for me and was one of my bets for first place this month - this is going to be one AWESOME tee. well done mate!

It’s a real pleasure having you on Springleap.

shoutBack on 30/12/08 by EranEyal

Awesome awesome awesome~ Can’t wait to see it in print :) Super duper cool mik my man :)

shoutBack on 30/12/08 by Tu

I made a win, I made a win, but pipped by Tu’s AV MOUSE :( Nice one Tu, its gonna come out lekka ;) It is nice like a piece of spice, nice like a piece of spice.

shoutBack on 30/12/08 by mikdog

Sigh. I’m gonna miss the old bergie now that he’s banned. Well, not really, but maybe just a little bit. Anyways, thanks Goggl3boy. Not sure what’s gonna happen with your head to head challenge with him now that he’s gone, but perhaps submit your ‘art of war’ design in any event. Peace. Wow, nearly end of the month. Time goes fast. (Time’s a construct of the mind, there’s just this one eternal moment, phwoaaar, /end rant)

shoutBack on 23/12/08 by mikdog