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Mother Nature's... Oct 29th, 16:06 talk_t

Reminds me of a design i saw many years ago on Threadless (i think). Similar kinda vein...but yours has an epic squishy brain I diggit!!!!
midnight summer... Oct 29th, 16:04 talk_t

Hmmm I don't mind it this dark, think it makes it look more like air than water....if u know what i mean hahaha!
Vuvu Domination Oct 29th, 16:00 talk_t

.:Stealth of a ... Oct 29th, 15:58 talk_t

YO Qim! Dude interesting style you are experimenting with here, two very different styles coming together rather seamlessly. This was def a gamble (of sorts) but I think it works ;)
Three Wishes Oct 29th, 15:55 talk_t

Dude is the little boy smoking that lamp? hehehe. I actually really like this. Very unique characters and nice colour choice....he does look very sad and hes shackled....Disney this is not. Abu, pass him a tissue! :D
green ideas Oct 29th, 15:32 talk_t

SAVE THE WOOOORLD!!!!! NIce message and fun design, I like it.
zardoza Oct 29th, 15:29 talk_t

Dude this is like supreme phantom lord work ;) Dig the character...looks like a powerful end-level boss!!!!
Des Ombres Oct 29th, 15:16 talk_t

Yo CHUCKY dude....yeah I like the revamp. Looks cool as a movie poster. I still think this is a clean awesomely constructed design! Peace out bud :)
Attitude Is Eve... Oct 29th, 15:11 talk_t

Nice Nice I dig the hardcore gangsta bears...yo! ;) Personally I would prefer it without the text and with a bigger print size.
.:Fear in the R... Oct 29th, 15:09 talk_t

I'm in love with this design Qim. Can I have its children...no wait, forget I said that :P
Love Song Oct 29th, 15:07 talk_t

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!! Yep this one is def for the Pokemon fans out there :P For those who dont get it: I'm not gonna Raichu a love song. !http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1046/5125361227_bf3cd27aa5_m.jpg!
where am i? Oct 29th, 15:01 talk_t

Dude this has such potential, you just need to esacpe the block print. I know I say this to a lot of designers, but being able to merge the design with the t-shirt itself is an invaluable skill. I can see that the edges are roughed up, which def helps, but it needs to take advantage of the canvas....well, t-shirt in this case. I really like this design, perfect for summer!!!!
midnight summer... Oct 29th, 14:56 talk_t

O M freaking G! Dude awesome minimal colour piece. The bird just makes this design come alive!
Football ForEVER Oct 29th, 14:09 talk_t

Why the hell not indeed hehehe :)
THE DOG - brigh... Oct 29th, 14:07 talk_t

Tad simplistic for my liking...seems like a set of characters for online avatars.