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Ghost ship Oct 29th, 13:59 talk_t

Whoa Seba this one is seriously brilliant. Great work brutha man! I love how it merges with the t-shirt. POWER!!
Wake Up Clock Oct 29th, 13:50 talk_t

Hmmm would look cool on white, but still dig the black ;) Nice one VickyLee!
Who are you? Oct 29th, 13:48 word_up

Hi there Hanamaru. You have a very old-school Japanese name ;) Irashaimase!!!! Yo Pascal, yeah checking out and voting on designs is def a way to keep yourself entertained. Welcome welcome.
Questions Oct 29th, 13:40 word_up

Hiya Childofcolour :) ATM we do not have advanced vote tracking features. However that is a suggestion that is on our list of things to tackle. SO hopefully soon-soon!
Free Dark Sky Oct 29th, 09:56 talk_t

Has a similar vibe to your design with the deer! Kinda reminds me a bit of Qimstudio's style...any influence?
child creation ... Oct 29th, 09:49 talk_t

Seriously dude, you designs are just too epic. Loving this one! Is it based on that WB movie of the same name?
Midnight Dear Oct 29th, 09:44 talk_t

This is a beautiful design. Great use of colour....drenched in natural power!
Superman Oct 29th, 09:40 talk_t

Hahaha this is damn cool :) I AM CLARK KENT!!!!!
Summer Fun Skull Oct 29th, 09:39 talk_t

VickyLee whats up?
Who are you? Oct 29th, 09:37 word_up

welcome to Springleap Quamera and Siya! Enjoy the designs...will you be sending through some submissions? ;) Yo Hellogram, just took a look at your design, very cool...I love the size as well. Massive print for sure!
Illuminati Prop... Oct 29th, 09:34 talk_t

WooT WooT well done Suburban awesome solid design. Ya I also loved your Intergalactic Ranger...but this one is just too awesome! I cant wait to get my hands on this t. :D
Walk A Mile In ... Oct 28th, 17:19 talk_t

I like the idea behind your design, however your design elements are lost on a sea of white t-shirt. If it was bolder, bigger....then we would be in business ;)
lost summer Oct 28th, 17:12 talk_t

Nice work! Dig the detail, works well as a HUGE print. I likey :)
Tangerine force Oct 28th, 17:09 talk_t

Hehe cute! Look like lil Japanese animal characters. My only issue is that it looks like a block print...if the design merged with the t-shirt more this could be seriously off-da-hook ;) Nice!
Red Owl Oct 28th, 16:47 talk_t

I suppose I should read comments before I post....VickyLee whats up?