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Red Owl Oct 28th, 16:41 talk_t

Hmmm needs a lil sumthin sumthin to bring it to life. That owl looks totally regal!
Freeze time Oct 28th, 16:39 talk_t

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Dude I can just imagine Batman busting in on this scene and a mad break-dancing battle erupting. All my comic book buddies are gonna raise-da-roof for this one ;)
Boerewors, Bran... Oct 28th, 16:35 talk_t

Hahaha I can see the cocopops now :P The South AFrican designers are gonna love this one!
Old School Muscle Oct 28th, 16:29 talk_t

Interesting, been a while since we saw a design that would appeal to the gym crew ;) Something about the weights doesn't seem right, almost as if it doesn't fit with the flames and text.
My piano Oct 28th, 16:26 talk_t

Dude, Sebasebi you just keep getting better and better. This design is off the chart. Nice different placement and use of colour. How did you put this puppy together...lots half-tone action?
steram punk Oct 28th, 16:24 talk_t

WHOA! Theoryone this is slick. I can just imagine how cool this will look on one of our t-shirts. BAM!
skull on fire Oct 28th, 16:22 talk_t

Hoooooly Mooooley GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! Now this is a class design...love da colours and mad evil skull. 5.
Who are you? Oct 27th, 15:17 word_up

Odoy u are def not a noob, hehehe :)
ROCK Fist, PAPE... Oct 27th, 08:58 talk_t

HAHAHA nothing wrong with diggin the Power Rangers Frunch :D As long as u don't dress up in the suit I'm sure everyone will be nice :P
Them Nosy Termi... Oct 27th, 08:55 talk_t

Ahhhh u in the middle of exams hey...u writing History today?
Kitten Licken o... Oct 26th, 16:21 talk_t

HAHAHA that would be so funny dude!
Who are you? Oct 26th, 15:00 word_up

Hehehe Totorococo, ZW for the win! AmDone, if the problem persists please let me know...enjoy the drooling :D Ashleyrob....what exactly is this "stuff" you are referring to? LoL how do u manage to use a keyboard Garylaight? tooooo spoooky!
sleepy seabears Oct 26th, 08:52 talk_t

Think this is Clomo's favorite design for da compo ;)
Sub-Atomic Inte... Oct 26th, 08:41 talk_t

HAHAHAHA indeed!!!! :) Thx, Innuendoguy.
Pssst, there's ... Oct 25th, 15:03 talk_t

Hahaha giant death fly :P