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So you’ve registered, but you’re having trouble with something - ANYTHING?

This is the place to ask…

Do you want to know how to upload a design into the competition?

Or where to start a new blog post?

Or if anything isn’t working the way you think it should?



Why am i getting all these comments sent to my email? Its quite annoying. Any way to stop this?

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I seem to be having the same problem as many of the other users on here regarding the groupon voucher. Is it possible for us to forward our T-shirt requests to an individual at your store to have them printed on individual requests? I have spoken to Eran about this request last week, but i still have not received any feedback.

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Unfortunately your suggestion did not help. I did exactly as you mentioned, but when I received the coupon and I went back to purchase the tshirt, most of your stock was marked as ‘sold out’.

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Hi Aplatzoeder, it is always recommended, to avoid disappointment - to first check our stock (or get in touch) before you buy a Groupon deal. You can email marketing (at) springleap (dot) com for assistance. Thanks for your support!

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I have the same problem as MSchenk. I bought a Groupon voucher and have been keeping a lookout for over a week on your site, but everything I am interested is sold out. Also asked for reprints but have heard nothing. What should I do?

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Hi Gbksa. I think your best option is to email Amy (at) springleap (dot) com. She can possibly organise to group all 4 of your groupons onto one voucher code.

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I have 4 separate Groupon Vouchers. The problem is that I can only use one voucher per transaction and I’m charged for shipping each time. How do I go about claiming all four Groupon vouchers in one order for 4 t-shirts so I only pay once for shipping.


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Hey there Annieberry.
When you go to the SL checkout you will see a field that you can input your code into.
It is case sensitive btw! :)

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I just submitt my order. I have a GROUPON voucher. Where do I put the voucher code in?

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Hi MSchenk, thanks so much for also dropping me an email about this. I have just replied, so you should have some advice in your inbox!

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