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So you’ve registered, but you’re having trouble with something - ANYTHING?

This is the place to ask…

Do you want to know how to upload a design into the competition?

Or where to start a new blog post?

Or if anything isn’t working the way you think it should?



I purchased Groupon voucher for 5 t-shirts, however everything I want to purchase is sold out
And the voucher is only valid for a month.
I have requested reprints of everthing I was interested in.

Ladies (L) - Forest in my mind on true blue,Apocalyptic Sunset(Black),I know Chai Tea, Minions, IcreaMonster.

And for the mens tshirt (M) - High Five?, Crayon Cartridge,bunnyCHOW and emigrasie.

Please respond…your help will be highly appreciated!

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Hi Alison. Has anybody helped you yet? Please email me catherine (at) springleap (dot) com. While it is best to check our stocks before buying a Groupon, there are a few solutions I can recommend. Also, due to excess traffic to our site, the stock section became a bit buggy and we may indeed have what you are looking for in stock. Look forward to hearing from you.

shoutBack on 5/7/11 by CathRon

I bought 5 of your t shirts through a voucher on group on. However every single t shirt in your males and females is not available in my size. you only have a few designs which are not my taste (and this is from the few that you can actually pick from that have the size option-all of 5 styles). i would like my money back as your coupon is only valid for one month, and I cant imagine anything will change before then. This is really dreadful, as you should not be advertising with so few styles and sizes available. i have emailed groupon, also to request an refund. Please let me know if this issue can be resolved.

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Yeah, I ordered the “Own Heaven” design over the weekend, so there has to be something special about that sebasebi guy…

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Hi there Katie :)

The new designs are ‘being printed’ and should be in stock within next 3 weeks

You can mail us through a list of the designs you like, along with size and whether its for a male/female, so that we can double check.

shoutBack on 4/7/11 by DuncanBoxie

Hi there! I have bought a Groupon voucher so i can buy 5 of your awesome T-shirts. The problem is nearly every cool t-shirt is out of stock! Please could you let me know when you will be getting more shirts back in stock, i have a month to buy so can’t wait too long!
Thanks a bunch!
A huge fan :)

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I actually really liked Spirits of the Forest, very cool design!

shoutBack on 4/7/11 by DuncanBoxie

In the Hansa competition I voted for the winner that’s already been announced, but I don’t really drink a lot of beer, so it would be a little silly for me to wear a T with a beer ad on it.

In the Return of the Rollover I voted for Spirits of the Forest and Space Marine; two very different designs, but both excellent in their own right, imo.

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hahaha what did you vote for?

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Thanks a lot! Let’s hope I get lucky and receive some confirmation of my good taste… :}

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