POSITIVE HEROES - 'Inspire Courage' - Designs

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Hi there Springleapers,

We have already had so many amazing designs come through for our Positive Heroes - 'Inspire Courage' theme competition.

To get involved check out the COMPETITION BRIEF.

You can view all of the submissions that have been sent through thus far below.

PLEASE VOTE by Clicking on the design names above the images.

Supersalvador by Matsanni                                        Just being myself by Gprod

Stay Strong by MEKAZOO                                  Positive Heroes Inspire Courage by UncleHani

Silence by Amman666                                          Support by Nen101

Positive Heroes by BarmalisiRTB                                Destiny by Amman666

LOVE by Macus                                                           Life never end by Grantino

Love and Acceptance by Nen101                                  Protect the Smile by ChunkyDesign

LONELINESS by Myoubi                                           Spirit of Sharing by Daleconcepts

Live On by Qimstudio                                                 Drugs free Youth by Artevrie

Inspire by Flilab                                                 With your own two hands by Kakolak

Inspire Courage by UncleHani                                     SIMPLY U by Amman666

Innocent savior by Dewedhe                                   Freedom to Happiness by Nicebleed

Go Away by Gprod                                               Positive Words by VickyLee

Give your hands by Macuz                                      Positive Vision by Usama1234

Flying on the wings of hope by Yazzz                          Universal Center by Amman666

Fight the Stigma by Nen101                                     Hands of courage by UncleHani

Do not despair by BarmalisiRTB                                  BELIFE by Amman666

Be a [positive] Hero by Nen101                                Be Alive by Dewedhe


At the tree by Turtledude                                          A thought by Amman666

Love Life, Living Positively! by Lovelife                          I AM a Positive Hero by ShelleyShoes


Helping Hand by Zenstudio                                      Butterflies by Sergio37


Positive Future by Rocketboi                               Positive Attitude by Kharmazero

Inspire South African Hearts by msbodetti                Unsung Heroes by MjCuenca


I'll stand by you by blackd                                       Do the maths by Innodee


Stand Together by Lindybug                                    Positive Heroes emblazoned by Incynqron


Super Hero by Leech                                                Stronger Together by Lindybug

We're all heroes by hbrandr


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